‘There is a light, don’t let it go out’


A slightly unusual beginning to this piece of writing since I would like to share how I write, no, not even how but when, when I write. It comes to me when I’m walking or on the tube, somehow the movement makes me inspired. Then I grab my phone and start pushing those little tiny buttons missing a few in the process but God bless autocorrect or the software developers who have produced this wonderful system, not always it works in our advantage but those are exceptions, sometimes slightly embarrassing ones. This time around I’m slightly more nervous and conscious about my writing than usual due to my coffee companion:) The thing is this happy beautiful young lady is a primary school teacher so I believe I’ll get marked after this text. I can always say: “But Miss Hepburn I was walking while writing this”:)

I admire teachers and that they choose their profession deliberately because they love kids and have patience and teach those loud noisy active creatures and grow personalities out of them. Of course the most of it comes from genetics and family but kids do spend half of the time of their lives at schools, thank God:) So a lot is imprinted on them there. My encounter with this extremely friendly kind and giving lady occurred when she taught my daughter’s class. Since then she has moved to another school but the friendship between us three has continued. On that fine day we sat in front of the Islington City Hall where brides and grooms kept falling out of the building with their newly updated marital status so there was an exceptionally full of love air that gave us even more smiles or sad faces not knowing when that will happen to us:)


Hails from a city called Wolverhampton, above Birmingham, I had even googled it and learnt that it has a population of 250.000 people and a very beautiful cathedral. In case you guys are looking for a new city to visit on our beautiful island, this one seems like a great option and please do not hesitate to share the experience.

When Victoria was all baby and cute she wanted to become a vet but once she chose Chemistry and Biology for A-levels, she realised that they were not her strong subjects so the dream of curing animals had left as fast as summer leaves the UK. Instead Victoria took up Theatre Studies at Coventry University and worked at a school during her free time. Upon finishing her studies, she came to “London Bridge is falling down” town. It used to be ‘all roads go to Rome’ but those who have been to London would know that all roads and waters and air spaces lead to London and there is no way out it’s just too god damn good. But let’s go back to our gorgeous lady I seriously keep losing my track here. Too much spring in my step perhaps;)

Once in London, Miss Hepburn worked in sales and was good at it and she loved it. Unfortunately after one though year she was made redundant and lost her flat, had no money, not even a penny. Her then boyfriend invited her to live with him and his parents. So she did, luckily they were Sicilian and fed her nice food but to her great disappointment, made her fat and slightly more unhappier. Eventually she found another job in sales at an accountancy firm but hated it big time. Complained about her boss to the MD and when she got sick was asked not to come back. What a lovely bunch:) Remembering her uni experience working at a school and how much she enjoyed it, she got a job at a school as a teaching assistant. And this is where her wonderful talents and great potential were appreciated and recognised and she got offered a fully paid teacher training program. After a year Victoria became a qualified teacher. She loves it so much, I know it, I have seen it and kids, kids just love her and it is important to be just strict enough but to also inspire respect and to be able to have a good laugh. Next big step is to be a Head Teacher one day and I wish her to be and have no doubt that she will. I know it. She recently even got nominated for future leaders development program. I’m not sure what it is but I think in the teachers’ world it’s something very important. Love you and good luck and wishing you an easy way up to where your dreams may lead you.

P.S. As an addition I have asked Victoria what book or books she can read over and over again and why are they so important to her. I love reading and I have my books I love so much and its always interesting which ones are those for others. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee because she found the characters of Scout and Atticus Finch truly inspiring.  Scout for being so fearless, how she always sees the good in people and is not afraid of what society may think of her. Atticus because he is so forgiving, and commuted to justice even in the face of blatant racism. Second,  ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe because it is so haunting and intense, she likes the way it makes her shiver every time she reads it.

Likes: Gym // Dislikes: Drama

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