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Summer, summer where do you go? ‘Summer time sadness’ the song by Lana Del Rey sums it up just right, one of my most favourite August songs since its existence. I wish I could just grab summer by its hands, kiss them and beg not to leave (gosh, what a miserable picture, should never be applied to anyone but summer and own mama:))) On the other hand, if we are the kids of the big developed cities which always happen to be in a wrong climate regions for some reason then we choose to be in its claws. The ones who don’t choose, don’t moan about the weather but go and live the weather. But where was I?!:) ah yes….

Dear beloved the reason we have gathered here today is to welcome a new coffee companion and the life path story of this incredibly beautiful lady with very powerful inner strength of knowing who she is. We were introduced at a friend’s birthday drinks. After which we shared the stroll back to our homes across busy streets of night London, chatting ourselves away drifting from one story to another. Didn’t even notice how I was suddenly standing in the heart of the studio where the masterpieces are born, leaving me so inspired:

S-A-R-A-H    B-A-A-D-A-R-A-N-I

Born in London, originally from Lebanon, her parents met on their 1st day of uni in London. Dad lended his future baby mama his books since she didn’t have any. The 1st weekend they went to the book store at Tottenham Court Road where he told her that he will marry her. This is so beautiful, by now you know that I melt from hearing love stories, totally, like an ice cube:) Lana, Lana stay tuned please:) 

Sarah was born to a house full of creative women that are very good with their hands (father travelled a lot): her twin sister, grandma, mum, aunt. Mum is a florist, grandma a cook, aunt anjewellery designer. Growing up, Sarah was a very curious girl, at the age of three her nursery teacher wrote in a school report that Sarah spends hours painting, colouring, drawing with attention to fine details and colour.  Later in school Art & Textiles was her favourite subject, where she would happily finish all the tasks ahead of her classmates and help them with their work too. Sarah always looked up to her Mum who has always been very classy, with a good sense of style and confidence. Mama’s style always fascinated Sarah, different but timeless pieces that wanted to be kept forever. 

During her mid teens Sarah started thinking of her career ( I wish I did too:), painting and drawing wasn’t enough anymore and Sarah was exploring other ways of expressing herself. Thats how she learnt that she wanted to be a designer. While studying in university Sarah worked for several designers, together with university work this proved amazing experience and before long, Sarah’s own label was created. The 1st collection was the graduating one. To her greatest surprise it sold out right away. 

Feels truly blessed to do what she does every day, she says her dream has come true.  Sarah does everything in her designs herself and is very technical. The pieces she creates share her emotions with women connecting them through the brand. Her garments can be very simple or extravagant but not overpowering. 

I have totally fallen in love with her label and her beautiful self. How down to earth this talented lady is, finding out how many times she has been featured in world known fashion magazines of many different countries and worn by celebrities. Truly she is a fashion designer icon.

The book: “My Left Foot” autobiography <> of Christy Brown <>, can read over and over again.

Likes: Me (as of me as me:)) Lana:))) // Dislikes: Disrespect

Beautiful girl, Creative mind, Talented hands

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