Life is paintful


It was a sunny and a cold day, the universal day of love. The only time of the year when we as humans connect in unity of love and are not afraid to share it with others. I generally believe we should express it every day and as much as we can with people around us, with people we love and care for. A few of such believers sharing the same views gathered ‘on the violets are blue’ and ‘I love you’ day. He was among them, a visitor of the capital from the western side of the English speaking part of our planet, where they make the ‘R’ letter sound very 3D as if it had to be pronounced in writing. This extravagant persona with one right shoe and right side of his pants heavily painted over with just a few brushes on the left, upon noticing my gaze, said: ‘Everything has to be in balance, right side of the brain represents our creative side and the left is analytical”. I suddenly felt so plain with my perfectly black tights, my thoughts wondered if he paints tights too?:).


He changed his travel plans, so that we could stroll around an ancient cemetery for Coffee_Me (well, in reality it was a business related delay but let me add some special credit to our beloved project besides 10% of me still thinks it was for the coffee picture and story time:).

John’s life reminds me more of a movie script, Terry Gilliam would be the perfect director in my opinion:) maybe because even the darkest moments John narrates with wisdom of the experiences and humour mixed in.

Born in Zahoya, ‘the Jewel of San Diego’ he says. His early childhood was spent in Hawaii and running fugitives, in Mexico for two years due to his stepfather’s problems with law back in the USA. Growing up as a teenager he was quite suicidal, experimental I’d say:). Later on he changed his places of higher education 7 times. He studied psychology, communication, computer science then went back to studying communication. The day he enrolled onto his psychology class and got his books, flipping through one of them, he found a photo of his sister and himself in a case study book when he is still a kid. The photo was taken by some American journalist whilst they were fugitives in Mexico. In between he worked as best ever valet, he says, I believe him, I can see him the best one ever:) later on he decided that he doesn’t want a piece of paper to define him and went back to work for a guy who built his empire by becoming the biggest seller of exotic cars. Some years later, John is a managing director of three companies working with artwork: one California based and other two are based in London. He says: “We sell everything you don’t need but you fucking want it!” I like that:) so true as well. He also patented his pant and shoe art and you can get your pairs done by the master at: John describes himself as: I’m everything everyone is but they don’t admit it.’ He was wearing sun glasses of course, I did ask him to remove those for the picture, once he did, he said: “Good that I have my eye liner on”. I was happy he did too.

You can imagine how many things I did not include in here about this character, because he is like an erupting volcano and sometimes its better to admire it from the side rather then try to describe its hot lava splashes.

This encounter was of a personal journey and experience as meeting a person from another side of the planet and starting talking as if we had known each other for ever and like we only saw each other just yesterday is a truly heart-warming feeling. The thought of us being all connected once our hearts are opened makes me love us humans more and more. Jonh is also a hugger:) those that know me will know that I prefer hugging to all that hand shaking business, so we gave each other a big long hug before we went in different directions.

Likes: Challenging beauty // Dislikes: Bullshit

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