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Hello, my name is Lana and I’m a London based freelance photographer. I am very happy to welcome you on my Coffee_Me page.

Coffee_Me has started its blogging career on Facebook page. Due to the popular response I have decided to give a bit more specious accommodation to reach out for wider audience and adding some extra options.

The idea behind the blog is quite simple really, I meet people I know for coffee, take their portrait across the table and tell their story.

I believe everyone of us is special and unique, and each of us has a story to tell. As for me this journey has been quite incredible. One day I met a friend for a coffee and had my camera with me, I just shot her portraits and followed its reaction to an unexpected camera appearance and the response she had towards it. We can take the most confident and exceptional selfies of ourselves or if we pay for our head shots or for a photo shoot to be all glamorous is one thing, but when we are caught of guard, how is it?! We get shy or we let it go and stop all the voices in our head and show what we are and who we are. Of course it is all about confidence or maybe it’s a call for being real and show the soul and is not about omg I have a spot on my face or bags under my eyes. Why not? We work, we live, we age we are humans and there is nothing wrong to show it and be confident with it, otherwise this social expectation of being like this and look like that will never end.

I have started with friends, reached out to people I have been friends on Facebook and haven’t seen in years or some never even met. My friends started introducing me to their friends and I have been enjoying this so much, meeting people, talking to them, sharing energy and thoughts, I love communication. Who knows maybe you will be my next Coffee_Me?!:)



P.S. Text and photos all by me unless stated otherwise.