Curly LIZA


We haven’t seen each other for 2 years. We have a slight geographical issue, different countries of residencies. The day she finally arrived to the grey island, the sun was shining. To say I was so happy to see her, would be so dull in comparison to the emotions I was feeling the moment I saw her beautiful face, the perfect curls and the style she always wears.


This would be the story of us:) To be entirely honest we only had about 6 hours together and plenty to catch up on. Somehow I always have this feeling no matter how much time we could possibly have it will be never enough. We always talk until our throats start scratching from the non-stopping flow of words, jumping from topic to topic accompanied by laughter. Liza has that laugh, even when you are not next to her but receive a message in your whats up with her name popping up, it echoes right through your head, the high pitched sound that comes out the 1st second of her laugh. I really love this girl, I have a massive smile on my face whilst writing these lines.

We met some 12-13 years ago at a birthday party. It was one of those friendships, when all that is needed is to ask each other names, where are you from and where do you live in London:) Luckily we were both from the same city and we lived 3 minutes away from each other in London. At that moment Liza was studying in Chelsea College of Arts. Her childhood dream was to become a fine artist. That was exactly what she studied there. We hanged around a lot. She has always been this arty girl to me, with her paintings and brushes and colours, with her mind, with her style:) I will probably mention her style a few times. As there is one in every detail that she wears, even if it is a casual super lazy after party look, somehow you would want all of that outfit. She is my fashion guru, 100%.

She continued her higher education in London College of Communication. She studied Graphic design. I used to ask what design?!:))) At some point we even shared the same place of studying, I did my Photography there. These memories drifted me down the memory lane, some moments I really wish we could relive again. Throughout my studies she was my number one photography subject of all time, we shared more than a few experiments 🙂 She would be up for anything, she feels so comfortable in front of that piece of equipment, 100% natural. I love this girl.

Few years later she left the island and went back home to her family and husband to be. Yes there is also a love story here and of course my favourite part:) I love those stories (yes I love all kinda stories of love:)) but especially ones where people leave their life behind and follow the lead of the heart.

The gorgeous curly stylish Liza, followed her career path in graphic design and worked for years in TV. I visited her once at one of the channels she worked for, she was happy and felt completely at ease in her place of work.

One day I received a message from her saying – “I have left my work, I want to do something of my own. I want to start my own brand”. I somehow always knew that she will come to that, really, if somebody can be a clothes designer it would be her. With all that style, one can reflect its own vision and create something of their own. I of course cannot be 100% bias:))) but judge for yourselves:) Inspired by 90’s grunge (those of you who had been inspired by grunge back in the 90’s this is your stop:), hand made tailored women suits for women who are confident and know what they are worth. Ouch, I love how I phrased it, pure masterpiece for an advertising banner.

Liza is so precise with her visions, everything has to be perfect, she thinks of every single detail. She will not miss a thing, she has her creative arty approach to every single thing that is created in her head. And when it comes to throwing a party, she does that impeccably too, making it into a place to be. I love this girl.

After this beautiful full of love piece of writing material, my curly Liza, I can settle with the pair of pants from one of those suits as my bribe:)))

On the serious note it is not easy to start something of your own, especially in the era when I think everyone is a fashion designer:) But these suits have their unique style and niche, I know. I wish you good luck my love.

The book the girl can read over and over again: ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley

Likes: Music // Dislikes: Injustice

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