“Lights, Camera, Action!”


I have to admit that writing in Spring is not of the easiest tasks to undertake. In fact, writing in Spring is close to impossible, as everything inside is just expanding, the air just blows the mind away with all its thoughts. I walk with a biggest smile on my face, I stop by each flower and tree and inhale and then inhale again. Then I start itching and crying as I’m allergic to all the pollen. All this doesn’t matter, I fly up high in the skies and jump from one cloud to another, and then I come back to earth and continue running bare foot on the soft fresh grass in a long light summer dress. I bow to writers, journalists, bloggers and all who are able to write in such difficult times:)))


An interesting charismatic person, he is quite serious but also its very easy to be around him. His aura is light and makes one smile, but then yes, at the moment, I have a constant smile on my face, so not sure whether it is Spring or Sasha after all:))))

We met over a year ago at my friend’s, who is a musician, and he filmed her music video. Of course, we have become BFF’s on FB as aren’t we all:) Coffee_Me was therefore bound to happen.

Born in Serbia to a photographer father and an economist mother. Growing up, dreamt to be a rock musician (leather jacket, studs, tight pants Ahhhh love musicians:))). Most probably he was dreaming of this image while singing in the choir right until his puberty. In university, studied cinematography but dropped out and started to work at post production in animation. This was not to his taste either.

In the process of self-discovery, he starts to draw and gets himself into higher art school where he studies for three years. Upon finishing his studies he goes to Amsterdam and here comes my favourite part, love story:) My love for romance and being a complete and utterly full-on romantic persona, at this point my eyes sparkle once I hear the L word. Admit it, all beautiful stories and self evolution comes with a love tag, with love we jump fully in, we dive into the beauty of it and we don’t care what comes after, because it doesn’t matter what’s after as now matters and nothing else. I beg my pardon, I’ve drifted off….

So he meets a beautiful Dutch girl and they take off to India for 2.5 months, and travel all over the continent. Next the love birds travel to London, where the Dutch girl kills all the romance I was looking forward to hearing about, she breaks up with our companion here. Sasha tries to survive in the big city, gets into a squatters community and challenges his possibilities and talents: paints, plays music, engineering but is not good enough in any of these at that time. Sasha eventually goes back home where he bumps into a girl that he met while travelling in India and that happens to be a turning point of his life (ahhh women:). They go back to India (as it clearly happens to Sasha and the girl business:) to work on a travel documentary series for which he is a cameraman. Once he is back, his newly acquired profession (and he did study cinematography as his 1st choice in uni, remember?!) takes him further down the career path. He works as a camera assistant on his 1st feature film and after starts working for television. All this would have been fine and continue further, if not for another form of love we experience, a love for this city. London Love – it is like this woman that appeals to all tastes (London is a she city for me:), to all genders and nationalities. Sasha comes back and again has to start from scratch. He works in equipment rental company, makes connections and starts to freelance. Little by little our boy here:) follows his passion and as of last year has to-date shot 6 short films! And this is only a beginning:)

Whoop whoop!!! Follow your dreams, always!!! And don’t stop dreaming!!!!:)

Likes: LOVE // Dislikes: BOREDOM