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Meeting a personal trainer with perfect flat stomach (I assume it was since the t-shirt wasn’t rapped tight around his abdominal area) right after winter with a lot of extra comfort fat spread all around from top till bottom of my not so high complexion, I felt awful. Don’t know why, not like someone was judging me, but you know the feeling when you meet these sporty people that are so confident in their body instead of stretching out the hand for introduction all you want is to start excusing yourself for such an awful behaviour of not looking after yourself for the past months (ever:). I mean this winter was long and cold, cold and long. How else one keeps himself warm? Nope, not layers of clothes, incorrect:) but bread and potatoes and avocado. Literally my all winter comfort food ah and I forgot dark chocolate or vegan brownies for desert (yes I’m vegan so my diet includes more then just paper and lettuce salad:). I also chose my outfit wisely for a petite and sporty look illusion: extra tightening tights, skirt with top button undone to make it easier to breath and a long jumper covering all the details. So here I sat in front of this tall flat stomach, already in his summer bikini body persona, listening to his story and thinking: “summer don’t come, I’m not ready for you or I can’t afford a personal trainer but I really need one or even two:)))”


Like most of the men is not very talkative and reserved. Well familiar with rules of etiquette and have asked me if I’m hungry, I straight away remembered about the button on my skirt and refused politely. Starting and equally connecting point of conversation was love for coffee: one is addicted so as the other one:) After that  dialogue flows easy.

As a boy he dreamt of becoming a scientist: white laboratory coat and goggles was the most inspirational part. Growing up turned his childhood wish into a set course of direction of future him. Enrolled to a Human Genetics Course at Biology Faculty at UCL. While studying, worked at the uni bar and across the corridor there it was, The gym ’52 club’. The healthy body room clearly had a drawing effect on our companion here. He gently swapped sides, serving drinks to sports equipment.  Additionally the gym ran training in nutrition, that Dimitri happily put a tick next to. By the time he had finished studies, he already had his clientele list as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Working in the laboratory seemed quite dull in comparison to all that action.

A year after graduation Dimitri takes his new profession level higher and enrols to MSc in Public Health Nutrition Course back at UCL. He leaves 52 Club and works in different gyms before he starts his own business Studio offers group and personal training, nutrition programs and pilates. A person that is truly devoted to what he does and loves doing and that is always a bonus to know you are in good hands once trusting yourself with our most precious that is health.

I have of course asked Dimitri what would he advise our readers on how to get fit fast, its bare legs kinda weather already. My option was: don’t eat apart from air, drink plenty of water and if you manage to work out on all that hunger, do so:))))

But I received a wise reply of a professional: “ The best thing to shape up last minute is to not panic! Begin your day with a 15 minute HiiT workout and stop fooling yourself that ordering sweet potato fries is the same as having vegetables.”

Likes: Spontaneity // Dislikes: His Addiction to Coffee

FYI: HiiT is high intensity interval training, involves boosts of intensive exercise followed by rest.

Hats Off


Few years ago whilst attending a birthday summer barbecue bash and enjoying the atmosphere and chatting to familiar people (or just chatting to not so familiar people or to myself as talking is my most favourite of hobbies:), some late comers had arrived. A girl with dark long hair and brown eyes and bold eyebrows and benevolent smile was one of them, her strong features carrying a very strong presence. In no matter of time we found ourselves talking (Of Course:). Over the years I have been following this lady on Facebook and from time to time attending some of the events she has been inviting me to. Learning along the way her strong passion for fashion especially for discovering new talents and becoming friends with them. Not a long time afterwards Coffee_Me project was born, my companion here had created her own brand of exquisite handmade hats which she creates using her own imagination and documents the progress most wonderfully on her Instagram page which I have been following as soon as it was created.


Since her early years of life Maria has had a strong need for accomplishment. Growing up among very diverse professions of family members (doctors, economists, poets) Maria loved to study. During summer holidays in the countryside residence she had always staged plays, created outfits and invitations for people to come a see her performance at the end of the summer season.

Her enthusiasm for learning resulted in finishing school early, to be precise at the age of sixteen she already had a place at Oxford University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Whilst studying in her 2nd year, she got an internship at Goldman Sachs and upon finishing the studies a position was already awaiting for her at the prestigious bank. And the world of finance had stolen our girl here, traveling and working but her strong sense of style stayed strong in her spirit.

Hats had always been her passion since they suit her bold features perfectly. Maria admires the accessory for the many qualities it carries: an element of instant mood changer, strong femininity, the mood and the character of the person could be perceived differently all thanks to different types of hats they wear. Mystery and elegancy and something very old fashioned but carried through to the present. As part of the family extravaganza, all family members have always worn hats, an idea of putting her passion and dream into reality had struck our girl here. Maria has a strong belief that asking people for help and reaching out and not being afraid is the best way of connecting and finding your right path for the targeted destination. Through friends she met a British hat designer Zoe Sherwood which resulted in a collaboration and commissioning of a hat Boater for Ascot. Next she enrols onto two different courses at the London School of Fashion. It’s a learning curve which Maria patiently works through, finding her inspirations along the way and reflecting her vision and things that inspire her in her hat creations, reaching out to well-known hat designers and spending a day or two in their studios to learn and observe.

I personally love her designs, wearing one makes me look as if I had just came down from the mountains and tried to sophisticate myself, don’t take me the wrong way, I’m sophisticated (in my own way) but sometimes we just don’t have that face type.  Nevertheless I tried all of them and I admire the art and the visualisation of one’s idea. So if you, my readers, are heading off to Ascot and looking for some special designs for yourself or your partners do get in touch with this lady, after all, summer is coming and we need to hide our faces from all the sun that shines upon us on this island or to express our uniqueness.

Instagram: @HATS_BYMARIA

Likes: Adventure // Dislikes: Envy

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