Coffee_Me is as usually is head over heels to introduce you it’s new coffee companion. While you are pushing yourself through the last days before the festivities commence Coffee_Me will help you ease into it:) I met this happy good-looking chap at some picnic party some years ago. After a couple of exchanged sentences, we befriended each other on FB and that was it, as it happens.  It was only recently that I started noticing very interesting articles posted by him about sustainable energy and climate and energy again. My kinda read, so I reached out. It took me about 20 mins to write an introduction of myself and of where we met and why on earth am I asking to meet for a coffee, I swear it was a second after I pressed send or perhaps not even pressed it at all yet that I got a reply already:) I was like, how can one read so fast, I was composing my message for 20 mins and went on and on of course as I do here:))) little did I know, that the day I would walk into that conference room, I’ll meet a super human, no, for real, his mind works and his mouth speaks sooo fast that a normal human being would still be digesting the 1st sentence whilst he is already on the 5th or even on the next paragraph


He started with a romantic story of how his mum and dad had met and I was like ahhhh ohhhhh with my long lashes flap flap as I had previously mentioned in my last post I will die a romantic. I have it all coloured in pink and with birds singing in the background. Then Agamemnon consigns abstemiously to tell me about his personal journey of how as a kid he wanted to work at the gas station because he loved the smell of petrol, how he didn’t have much ambition (I’m slowly noting it down) as suddenly his speech speeds up and my mind leaves the building and all it manages to hear is ‘travelling and cancer at the age of 18’. Whilst being treated he realises he wants to study pre-med and manages to secure a scholarship due to his dancing which is what he did for 6 years prior. Overall he holds qualifications in: maths and social science, pre-medicine and there is also architecture but that comes later. While spending his time in hospitals Agamemnon also starts to paint and gets noticed with big clients starting to come in and buy his paintings. He donates money from his art sales to hospital wards. Agamemnon gets commissioned to paint and that’s how he travels all over the world and paints. Has shows and exhibitions, by now he is 26 years old. It is during one of his assignments in Scotland that he finds out he is sick for the 2nd time. He spends one year in treatment and gets better, dedicating a lot of his time to art in hospitals. He then realised he wants to learn how to rebuild hospitals and goes and gets MA in Architecture in Advanced Environment and Energy. Few years later he is a founding director of Repowering London: giving people literal ownership of their fuel security via solar panels, also provides paid work experience and internships in solar installation for local young people. He is a director and project manager for Brixton Energy Solar 1, Solar 2 & Solar 3. You can see their first project all up and running at the far end on the right of the picture. It’s all about sustainable energy and bringing community together. I mean it’s just incredible really, because going to meet Agamemnon I didn’t know anything about projects like this and hence I’m not a journalist I do not do research on people before so I don’t go and ask specific questions I want answers for. It’s really just about engaging in conversation, having coffee and getting to know each other. Leaving that room I felt empowered but still not sure what just had happened since everything just got mixed up in my head due to so many words running through it. I googled Agamemnon and apart from him being an astonishing artist, I have gone into reading numerous articles about what he is doing exactly. In each article where Agamemnon speaks of their progress and empowering the community, about the battle for energy security, sustainability, education, warmth there is just so much soul and personal emotions involved. Thank you.

To find more about what Agamemnon does, you can visit his website:

Likes: passion // Dislikes: insincerity

What if… you love Greece as much as I do.

Been meaning to do this post for a while. I just wanted to show Greece that maybe most of us don’t know of. I travelled extensively around this beautiful country and its islands over the years covering three seasons of the year.

(click on the pictures for gallery viewing)


From snowy mountains, you can go down to the coast line and enjoy the sun.



We all know how beautiful the waters of Greece are and its islands but the dried out landscapes of southern Crete and its gorges are just so raw and peaceful.


This is the season I love the most, in the mainland it’s full of yellow and red colours, mountains are covered in snow but down in the south of Crete, it’s full on flower blossom season. One can swim and sunbathe with nobody around.


Always say yes to life

Coffee_Me is as always exuding mounts of joy to introduce you to its next coffee companion. This extraordinary human being I met at an ecstatic dance some years ago, I tried to let go and connect with the stiff body of mine while this lady was the music and joy and happiness. She is energy, all the time on the move, her vision is “Always say yes to life”:


Grew up in Singapore. As a kid always wanted to be an archeologist or a dancer. But as she grew older dance allowed Theresa to live in her body, rather then in her mind. Instead she goes to Australia and does a degree in Advertising. That’s where the story starts to get interesting:). Upon her graduation, she goes off to do some travelling and takes a bus from Sydney to Alice Springs (Central Australia) where she meets a Swiss boy and falls in L-O-V-E (we just love these stories, don’t we just?!). At this moment of her story my eyes lit up (I’ll die a romantic:) and my smile swallowed all my face and I said go on :). As she finishes her travels and goes back home, she makes a decision to follow her love to his home country where she lives happily ever after in a big house on the hill by the mountains with 5 kids and dogs and goats and cats, THE END:)

Aaaaand she does go to Switzerland, spends her time by learning the most romantic language of all times ‘German’, eats lots of good food and indulges in chocolate consumption. Slowly summer approached and with its breeze Theresa senses an urge to go to England, to work at an orchard and pick some apples. And off she sets to her little trip further away from home with one luggage and Lonely Planet travel book and swiss apples (just kidding!) with £600 in her pocket. Turns up all alone and knows no-one. But bless our caring parents, those who have caring parents:) and our girls’ mum across the globe gets her a low paid assistant job in a media agency and our pretty lady here never gets to collect those apples after all:)

That’s how Theresa gets into media and she loves it. With job ones love, come great opportunities and self discovery. As part of her job she has to go to many events and restaurants and parties. On this journey she starts to appreciate and love culture and food. It is not about eating the food but how the combination of ingredients make it as tasty as it comes. She starts to explore how geography, climate, religion and cultural practices influence the food. After some years working in London, she gets transfered to Shanghai and lives there for 6 years. It is here that she fully exposes herself to proper Chinese food that makes her understand food as food, food as an art form. She is now back in London and her passion is travel but travel to eat, her main passion being food. At this point I almost put my pen down (yes I’m old school I note it all:), Theresa continues to speak. There are three places she wants to go to:

  1. Modena, Italy to be precise dine at Osteria Francescana
  2. San Sebastian, Spain and dine in all 16 Michelin star restaurants (honey I really hope not in one day?!:)
  3. Patagonia, Argentina to meet the chef Francis Mallmen (male version of Theresa according to this petite woman, I know right? Where does all that food goes?!:)) He is a free spirited chef in the jungle that cooks whatever he finds and catches. Her plan is to wake up and have tea then go hunting, make lunch and I presume hunt again for the dinner and then read French poetry out loud under the stars with open fire.

And upon fulfilling those three wishes, she says: “I can happily die with a smile on my face with a happy belly. That my friend is fulfilment.”

Curtains down,

The End

Likes: fullfilment Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts (I hope these don’t grow in Argentinian jungle:)

P.S. Our food devotee here also runs a blog writing her reviews about the places she goes to eat at, so watch out places:)) feed our girl well good:


Body Language


Coffee_Me is as always profusely happy to introduce you to its next coffee companion. This beautiful French girl I met at the Win League event that had organised my 1st blind Coffee_Me date Amalia. It’s turning into a puzzled labyrinth my daily encounters with future coffee victims, soon it would take me a paragraph to describe just how I meet every single one.:)


She walked into the cafe like a girl you picture while reading French memoirs: beret, silk scarf, short black coat, folded umbrella in her hands, black patent shoes, petite figure and gently floating rather them walking. I suddenly had a feeling that I was in Paris and even smelled the air but then a few red double deckers stormed by outside the window and it took me right back into our busy foggy capital we love so much:)

Parisian born, brought up in Normandy, by now all french movies I have ever watched visualise in my mind, magnifique! Since Emma was a little girl she found it easier to express herself in dance rather then talking. Once she grows up, trains as a dancer, its her body intelligence language with the world, visual and true way of communication. At university she studies History of Art and Film Studies during which she fulfils her childhood dream to make dance movies. Next MA in choreography in London where she meets her future business partner Mariana, they had an instant connection and synchronisation of the minds and same love for choreography. First they coach a singer for a music video, body movement and learning to express. Then embark on a two year tour around Europe doing creative projects, dance shows where they direct dancers live on stage and backstage: they work hard, they have fun, they get tired.  At perfect timing a friend approaches the girls to coach him through body language to relax in front of the camera, to speak with confidence rather than with jaw shaking and sweating part once we get our stage fright power mode full on (yes that is of course my descriptive interpretation of stage and public speaking fear). That is how their start up was born: MetaSpeech. They put choreography into business, to understand the context, the body can help to clarify your thoughts, the movement and direction holds confidence or not. It was an instant success. They now work with start-up companies of series A-B, creative industries that pitch a lot to the public. They have already travelled to New York  to coach at Google and next Hong Kong. But if you don’t need to publicly pitch but still feel very unconfident or stiff as a tree (in my case) Emma is also a co-founder of the Dance Club, its a DJ platform set where you come for a 2 hour session and get instructed how to loosen up your body, how to be creative and guided by dancers themselves and all that is happening to the music. My eyes lit up at the moment when Emma said that, it gave me light at the end of the tunnel for my future moves on the dance floor:) I will add the link to that event at the bottom of the post.

While I was listening with mouth wide open of how Emma’s passion and understanding of dance is carrying her across the life and the joy and fulfilment it brings her, our time ran by so quickly and I had not even asked her my before au revoir questions, Likes and Dislikes. But I could imagine Likes: Dance!!!!:)