Dream Big


Coffee_Me is as usually fervently piqued to introduce you to its new coffee companion. This lady has been like a clap of thunder in the clear skies, thunder is my life, clear sky is


I have to admit I have never loved clear skies as much as I love them now:)

I have known this lady for many years. Although I didn’t know her, we studied together in a boarding school for girls only many many many years ago (maybe one many less:). We have not been entirely fond of each other, honestly speaking. We never spoke but have been friends on Facebook, of course:)) The point of connection was Coffee_Me, after all, turning social network into human real life interaction was not such a bad idea, I mean I never thought it was, it just proves it is over and over again. I was nervous when I set off to our first coffee as if I was going on a date minus the goose pumps though:) I was late, she was waiting, I entered and we hugged and cried like two lost soulmates that were reconnected by some day time TV show:) Not exactly like that but we have been talking every day since and meeting for coffees and Irish coffees in the evenings more like a glass of wine looking.

Julianna is a very focused girl, she has always been in her studies and aimed always high, upon finishing our bourgeois educational institution, she studied LAW at LSE (London School of Economics). Right after graduation she was eager to start working and to explore her abilities and knowledge and skills in the world of business. She conquers right through it and at the age of 24 she is running an office with 5 employees under her command for an overseas property development company. She then refocuses on London property market and starts working for top London Luxury Property Developers selling properties worth up to £50 million. Yep and at this point when you see ‘Dream Big’ signs on some social network platforms put up by someone doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Julianna’s attitude to life is ‘we can make happen whatever we want, all we have to do is try’ (that’s my personal note I had made of her quotation throughout our conversations, some fan club have been created here:).

After gaining all the needed skills and understanding of the market and its gap, this business lady and her school friend launch their own company that has been running now for over 3.5 years. Working with Russian clients, helping them to relocate to UK and looking after their requirements. Of course she is extremely organised and maybe sits too straight (she did ballet when she was a girl, maybe thats why:) and strict a bit, but that is only before you get to know her. In reality she is great fun and very kind and caring and also very inspirational and makes you believe in yourself, like woman power but equally very feminine and petite not sure how all these qualities even combine but clearly it is possible.

Likes: Sincerity // Dislikes: Fakeness

Dream, Travel, Live


Coffee_Me as usually with great anticipation would like to introduce you to its new coffee companion. Met this free spirited human being at the sleep over at my friend’s house. No I’m not ten, but it’s great fun and I think is allowed to be practised at any age:) and those are with wild imagination out there: no naked pillow fighting was involved:). In the evening we all had dinner at the big table, in the morning we all met again and had breakfast at the same big table and then off we left to our grown up real world engagements. But before that I had an opportunity to Coffee_Me:


A true traveller soul. It all started from the childhood, born in Venezuela, at the age of 6 moving for few years to Mexico and eventually landing in Bedfordshire, England, UK right at the footsteps of the teenage years with hot latin blood running through it (with a bit erotic romance twist of writing element here:) Of course it was a big clash of culture, colours, traditions, acceptance but a unique self formation experience. Jivan decided he wants to be an artist and went to study in Bath University of Art & Design. Upon finishing his studies he goes to London and for four years works in the kitchen along side different chefs learning and mastering his skills into becoming one himself. He found cooking is more of a grounded medium, like a craft where it is easier to understand the impact and result on people. Then he moves to Australia where he starts his travels working through out as a cook in best restaurants expanding his knowledge and skills. Next destination was Spain where he realised that he is not living his life to full potential and sets to free flow travelling, living in a nature, meeting and interacting with people and learning from them. On one of the occasions he met South Americans crafters that have taught him the techniques and after crafting enough of his own pieces he embarks to further travels: Israel, Egypt and neighbouring countries selling his creations. He learns how to live sustainable life not just to dream, how to manifest things and make them real. In between of all this well balanced hippie life, Jivan’s list of accomplishments is endless: working in Michelin star kitchens,’ Vue de Monde’, Gordon Ramsay, Central in Lima, opening of the Wild Food Cafe in London.  At the moment Jivan is working in Glastonbury as a restaurant consultant (designing menus, concept, operating systems, testing recipes, hiring the right staff) at the new restaurant that would be opening in January called ‘Excalibur’. Watch this space Glastonbury visitors (love that city: crystal shops, good food, cool people, Tor, my 1st shamanic experience:). Upon finishing his work in late spring Jivan is going to travel Europe on bike (with pedals) with his friend in search for a perfect land to set up his own dream. I mean it so beautiful right? I of course asked if I could join this bike ride at some point of its journey!:) As you understand it’s probably just about ten per cent of travels squeezed in the miniature text of our adventurer here. And what about art?! He continues to be an artist in his own private space: he paints, draws and photographs.

Loves: Love // Dislikes: Violence



Coffee_Me enjoys the colours of autumn: yellow, red, green, orange but the hours for admiring the beauty are getting shorter and all the Coffee_Me adventures have now moved inside preferably by the fireplace, do we have many of those in London?

Coffee_Me would also love some recommendations of coffee places with large windows, all the tips would be highly appreciated: East, Central and West of London.

Upon finishing with my notices, I would like to introduce you to my new coffee companion.


A very happy person, the person that even with concentrated face still has glimpse of smile tracing (we tried couple of serious expressions:). In case of Alex and his story, I really wanted to share his childhood adventures, since it’s a very exciting one and it tells a lot about formation of the person, especially when it involves living in different cultures. Once I narrate early life passage of this man, you would understand why he is so happy and positive:)

Alex’s mum of Italian origin born in Belgium, comes to Bologna (Italy) as an exchange student, falls in love with Alex’s future dad: love, romance, marriage and work transfer to Brazil. Alex and his brother are born in Sao Paolo where he spends all his childhood. Goes to French school (as there was no Italian), spoken language with his brother Portuguese (writing it with Portuguese accent:), with mum French, with dad Italian. There must of have been so  much secret talking between all the family members, that if mum didn’t speak any Italian and dad French and parents Portuguese. On the footsteps of Alex’s adolescence the family moves to Athens, Greece. There was a massive cultural shock for the Italian Brazilians, after the bright colours of Sao Paulo and a very lively and friendly life, moving to rude and loud people, that shout most of the times rather then talking where mountains are just rocks and no jungle (I was laughing so hard at this moment as I could just so imagine how it was). But Greece grows on everyone as of course the 1st impressions wear off once you get to know the people, traditions, country and people don’t shout just are very passionate when they talk. Alex was having the time of his life: amazing school, secure as it was so so so safe after Sao Paulo, the house windows and doors could always stay opened, discovering islands, learning the language, mythology, love, food and all those sweet memorable times of teenage years. Four years later the family moves to Milano, Italy. Another dramatic transition for our boy here, one of the toughest experiences . The school was small, a foreigner in locals eyes and coming to fashion capital after Greece he looked like he just came down from the mountains, some polishing and adjustment was a must:). Travelling and living and adjusting to different countries must be so easy after such an exciting childhood, it runs through the genes.

While studying in Leon university (France), Alex travelled for his brother’s graduation in Imperial College, University of London. He was so amazed by the graduation event that he got himself transferred to the same University so he could have the same graduation ceremony. Graduated in engineering, works in Private Equity and his job involves him to do a lot lot of travelling and communicating! Speaks like most of the languages in the world (I am aware there are much more countries in the world then these:), but to me he is bilingual genius: Italian, Greek, English, Portuguese, French.


Likes: animals // Dislikes: cigarette smoke