We love classical music

3F3B7137I am extremely excited for two reasons actually three. First I would like to welcome you at the new headquarters of the Coffee_Me. Second I’m excited to introduce you to my coffee companion. And thirdly I would like to thank my parents for putting me to Spanish school to study and learn the language because then I wouldn’t be able to flash my knowledge with this young gentleman that was a key point of connection. I met him at the Baltic Art Form festival, the founder of which I did write about in my earlier posts.


A boy with an exceptional energy, a person that makes you fall in love with classical music without even listening to it. I have never met anyone like this before, so passionate and in love and sensitive and emotional, descriptive about the job he does, it’s like they are two in one or just one really. Ilych is a conductor, have you met many of those in your life?! And I advice: you should! Absolutely must! Go out there and meet conductors:) They are (I can’t speak for all but I just assume:) extremely inspiring and educating, do take a note pad with you as probably you never hear so many quotations of worlds philosophers and great writers in one day of walking and talking.

Ilych is coming from the family of musicians, at the age of 9 he conducted his 1st orchestra. I have been explained  and I’d rather quote him to make it more understandable the mighty of conducting powers. ‘A pianist tells a story to the audience with his instrument. An orchestra of 80 different people also needs to tell ONE story. That is where the conductor becomes important. But still a musician and through musical gestures. My instrument is the orchestra, but I study my repertoire with my other instrument, the piano. Because with the piano I can pretend to have the whole orchestra in my fingers.’ How poetic and inviting it is to the world of classical music, its great composers that created us a different parallel of worlds and its interpretation and understanding. Im sure you are looking into the symphonies and operas tickets by now:)

I have to admit to integrate myself fully into this piece of writing I put on my long black dress and my favourite Nocturne 20 by Chopin as a background soundtrack:)

As bohemian as it all might sound, Ilych is very down to earth with great sense of humor the type when you laugh very loud in public and not feeling little bit embarrassed:)

Likes: Smile // Dislikes: not wasting his time on stuff he dislikes:)

I love Greece

3F3B7109It’s was my 1st blind Coffee_Me date, I have never seen this lady before and I didn’t know anything of her. A mutual friend suggested we meet and so we did. Above all she happened to be from my most favourite country of all, I believe it’s a good sign, my lucky charm:)


Just upon finishing her studies in Information Communication Systems Engineering (so simple right?!:))), just like girls do, flips through Glamour magazine. On the last page a topic for next issue is proposed: Sustainability. The readers are asked for their feedback that Amalia eagerly writes hers and sends it. Three months later she joins Glamour Magazine and House and Garden team as an editor. Will for development and growth and learning brings her to The Next Web (techblog) all the way to Social Media and Marketing Director position. That allows her to work remotely while enjoying beautiful beaches and nature of an incredible island she comes from: Kerkyra (Corfu) (dream job probably of anyone’s unless you are very poetic and love rain and cold, cold and rain:)) . Although some like to explore further and share their ideas, that what Amalia does with the Director of Enterprise in London college of Fashion upon here visit to London. Stays, designs Front Row, the accelerator program, gets involved with the Start up Weekend, a project that challenges people to build a start up in 48 hours, then works in venture capital company and now is a freelancer Fashion-Technology consultant.

Ah also forgot to mention that on her last year of studies in uni (Greece), Amalia and two of her friends created an innovative online start up back in a day, called Eskimos for classified boats, a niche in the market and a future platform for other businesses to follow.

I know, right?! I’m so looking forward to stick around this treasure, I think I can write memoirs about her, Amalia 5 years later:), I mean when the mind works, it works. And while I’m at it, on the 1st of October Amalia organises a Personal Development Day (mostly for ladies). One day event providing a practical set of tools and methods to sharpen your presentation skills, set strategic career goals, boost your negotiation power and get laser focus. I will add the link to the event and also Amalia created a special discount for the Coffee_Me readers, exciting right?! I’m very much going, I’ll be the 1st in the queue and would be great to see some of you there too!:)

Likes: Souvlaki || Dislikes: Tofu

P.S. the link to her event:  http://winleague.co/personaldevelopment/Discount for Coffee_Me readers: WOOHOO15

Finally meeting in person

3F3B7085I have been friends with this lady for few years on Facebook never the less we never met each other personally, been introduced by a mutual friend as we share the same profession. I have followed her posts and was very curious to meet her. There were not any real opportunities to do so until I had a great reason, to Coffee_Me her. After all this blog was created to meet people to communicate, exchange energy, emotions, fluids:))) (just kidding wasn’t that lucky yet:)) and write about their ambitions, creations, life paths, dedications. 


A girl with the smile on her face, a very open human being and eager to invite into her world. We met and spoke like we’ve known each other for years.

Since she was a kid, she travelled all over the world performing with her mothers’ dance school until her teenage years. Due to her father’s wish she goes to study law but feels very misplaced. In search of where she belongs, finds herself in Paris applying to a photography course. Even though her portfolio consists of pictures of chickens, cats, dogs and flowers (full on country side coverage), examiners see her creative background and ambitions and accept her. Mila embarks into the world of shutter speeds, apertures, flash metres,creativity, photoshop, fashion, portraits etc.

Apart from being a successful visual artist, she also teaches meditation, is a sound healer, does reiki and is a devoted yogini. I think we ticked all the points of mutual connection.

Likes: life Dislikes: nothing ( again one of the very positive companions of mine)